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newest portable media player a social phenom

Zune is more than just a digital media player. It’s your connection to a world of media and to entertainment-loving people like yourself. With Zune, you can discover new favorites and share your discoveries and your friends and family.

Zune features a 30GB HD
Wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing
Bright 3-inch LCD screen
Built-in FM radio
Coming 11.14.06

Share your life in music and pictures. Got a song your friends just have to hear? Beam them a sample track. Your pals can listen to the full track up to three times in three days, and, if they like it, they can flag it right on their device so they can buy it later. Want to share what your band recorded in the garage last weekend, the lecture you recorded this morning at school, or pictures you took from the party last night? You can send them to your friends, too.

Watch big. Zune has a 3-inch LCD screen that brings your album art, pictures and video to life in amazing clarity and brilliance. Zune takes full advantage of its big screen by turning to either portrait or landscape mode to best display your videos or pictures.

Amaze yourself with other great features. Use the built-in FM tuner to listen to local FM radio stations. Advanced tuning capabilities let you see the name of the song currently playing on select frequencies.

Zune is to be released on Nov. 14th.  I will be getting the BROWN one!! :O

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