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My response to the fools

I was watching a great video of a machine gun shoot here and noticed the rating votes leaned heavy towards the unfavorable.  I then began to read the blog replies and found that there were a bunch of non-US citizens who loathe the fact that we have gun rights, and excercise defense.  They further commence to bash our actions in Iraq, our foreign policy, and directly blamed us for the existence of terrorism stating that we provoke it.  Well, I just couldn’t keep quiet about that, so I weighed in.  Read full article to enjoy the zing.

OK, ugly American weighing in here. 
Except for tyranny, slavery, genocide, Nazism, Fascism, and Communism, war has never resolved anything.

Read more…American is free and stays free for a reason – the right to protect ourselves is a fundamental element to the founding of our country.  If you take an honest, objective historical analysis of our actions after the war of 1812, you will see that the principle the US lives by is defense and not aggression.  Peace through strength.  If you don’t attack us, we can have a peaceful relationship, be friends, trade, dance, drink coffee togther, etc.  If you do attack us, then God help you because no one else will. 

The only other time we enter into violent conflict is when we are called upon to bail someone out or clean up someone else’s mess.  Usually France.  eg. WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Korea.  Now we have coalition organizations like the UN to moderate international affairs.  However, they have no backbone or moral logic.  They overlook things like genocide, and act in favor of regimes of tyranny.  Thus in the darkest, most desperate situations the US has to step in and defend the oppressed, and financially rescue the destitute.  We do so because historically we know how it feels to be in that situation, and we have compassion.  What really burns me is how all you critics take our benevolence for granted as if we owe it to the world, but we can’t claim our own rights as a nation.
Once again the US has to step up and defend against this tyranny because the UN and others won’t.  (Note: I am very thankful for the coalition nations that have had the moral fibre to join us.  They are not forgotten.) 
Now the US and the world face a new enemy that simply hates and seeks to destroy anyone that does not ascribe to their belief system.  Their actions have nothing to do with our foreign policy, and frankly I am tired of hearing that lame excuse.  I challenge you to name the policy and what it truly does to merit someone to invoke violent aggression against the US.  And then once you concoct a farcical example, then turn it around and realize that your example applies both ways.  What I mean by that is if some nation is frustrated by a bad hair day and attacks the US without true provocation, realize that by your standard, the US can do the same to others.  Then further realize that we don’t act like that.  Realize that unprovoked aggression is wrong, but defense is right and a right that the US will exercise. 
In short.  We have guns, and we play target practice with them because it’s fun.  LOTS of fun.  But we will also use them to protect ourselves and others when faced with violent agression.  That’s the moral principle to live by in a world where there are tyrants, terrorists, and mentally unstable crackpots of all ages.  I personally hope that I am never confronted by armed conflict, but if I do, I am ready to defend myself and others.  That is why the framers of our Constitution secured that right for the general citizenry, because it a a fundamental human right.  For those of you who are not US citizens, you should realize that the right to defense is a right to be desired, and you should seek to secure it for yourselves.

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