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Banning of guns in mail caused problems

Australia Post management has told a Budget estimates committee hearing it could have consulted more widely before deciding to ban guns from its overseas postal services.

Australia Post stopped transporting the weapons from February this year and now people posting or receiving firearms from overseas must use a courier.

The organisation’s managers have told the Canberra Senate hearing that on 81 occasions last year the processing of mail had to be interrupted because of security concerns about guns in the post.

Liberal and Labor senators on the committee have criticised the ban, and Australia Post’s Michael McCloskey told the hearing the process could have been improved.

"There was no consultation prior to the imposition of the prohibition, with the benefit of hindsight we could perhaps of consulted more widely, however we did keep Customs fully informed," he said.

Furthermore, Federal Communications Minister Helen Coonan says the Government is considering whether to change laws on sending guns through the postal system.

Senator Coonan says she is considering setting up new methods of sending weapons as well as streamlining the different state and territory laws.

"We’re having a look at what might be done by way of a separate mail stream," she said.

"I have also, or I’m about to, seek the advice of the Attorney-General as to how there may be complementarity between states."

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