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Cryo Chamber

Air Force may have had reusable space capability for years

We’ve all heard conspiracy and UFO theories about "secret" American military spacecraft with capabilities beyond what’s been revealed in the press or demonstrated by NASA, but many of us blow them off as hype, government misinformation, or sci-fi fantasy.

However, it looks like there may be an actual system- a sci-fi appearing, two aircraft, reusable orbiter system, known as "Blackstar", may have been operational since the 1990′s.
This would surely fit in with a sideways mention from a USAF colonel I met (who was part of my mother’s high-school graduating class) about test pilots for aircraft like the NASP project in the late 80′s…aircraft that supposedly didn’t even exist past the drawing board..much less flight ready prototype stage needing the skills of a pilot who’d flight tested the supersonic B-1A (and survived a crash in it as well)

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