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Here are interesting "points" on road rage and guns. Although there are no numbers in this research, as is noted at the end of this column, something that should be considered wasn’t included in this article.

Liberals are more likely to engage  in violence while behind the wheel, while the thinking behind this not stated, it could be said that liberals tend to be more aggressive, listen to their speaking capabilities and tone, not to mention body language while speaking, and you’ll understand, there  is always  a hint of violence. They may not have a firearm during their initiating road rage, a vehicle can be as deadly as firearm when in the hands of an irrational thinking liberal.

In my experiences with aggressive drivers I’ve noticed most often when they pass a liberal Presidential candidate bumpersticker on their vehicle. I have no political bumperstickers of party affiliation on my vehicle, or a Gadsden Culpepper flag on my car (not anymore :(    ), my only crime was obeying the law. I will say this though, when I [display] my "YOU CAN HAVE MY GUN WHEN YOU PRY IT FROM MY COLD, DEAD FINGERS" sticker, people stay away from my side of the road, regardless if I’m carrying or not, hmmm, I wonder why?

Another point left out about Conservatives carrying firearms and roadrage, is the fact that those responsible enough that choose to protect themselves by carrying a firearm, won’t let a violent liberal get the best of them by letting them goad them into a fight.

I’ve often wondered if an aggressive driver ever considered what could be in my vehicle during the incident? Then again maybe the know as well as I the laws regarding the use of deadly force in the state of AZ, maybe they’re just lucky they chose me instead of some nutcase to pick a fight with. In AZ it is illegal to use deadly force on someone with their back to you, they are not considered a threat. A responsible armed citizen also realizes the dangers of firing at a threat that has six rows of traffic behind them.

A responsible armed citizen also realizes their are ways to get out of a road rage situation by braking, speeding up,  letting off the gas, or exiting the area. A responsible armed citizen also realizes the most effective way to take out an aggressive driver is to use their trigger finger to dial  911 and report the other driver. Aggressive driving in Arizona is against the law.

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