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Cryo Chamber

Lawrence Livermore Labs to install Minigun defense system

In order to protect precious nuclear secrets and stored plutonium from possible terrorist attack, Livermore’s National Laboratory plans to install a fixed version of the minigun made popular by Vietnam door gunners and former governor Jesse Ventura in current CA governor’s movie "Predator".Reaction from citizens living within range of the UC Berkeley-managed lab’s new firepower acquisition are mixed. Some citizens react with typical Kalifornia paranoia while others realize that the extra deterrent makes their town that much less appealing of a terrorist (Islamic, or environmentalist) target.

But will it secure secrets being removed by internal espionage, employees working for foreign nationals, or critical mismanagement? Or will it sit silent while "protestors" marching out front provide cover for agents provocateurs looking to create a negative press incident, either from "innocent" casualties or a successful plutonuim theft?

Check out the pics, and dream of a nation where law abiding citizens would be allowed such things, and not just government and the political elite.

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