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HR218 is now the law of the land

In July of 2004, President Bush signed HR218 into law.  You can "Google" HR218 and see all the sites that discuss it, but this Federal law overrides all state and local laws with respect to the right of all active duty Federal, state and local law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons anywhere in the United States or its possessions (e.g. Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands) and also creates the right to carry for qualified retired LEO’s. have yet to testify in one of these cases.LEO’s covered by this act are still subject to restrictions concerning carry on aircraft, in certain Federal & state facilities and on private properties with established restrictions.

The stated purpose of the legislation was to eliminate conflicting carry laws between the states and other jurisdictions and to afford a measure of protection to LEO’s who might be targets as a result of their actions in the line of duty.

I could be the poster child for this act as I arrested the chief bomb maker for the FALN in 1970. A few years later, I obtained the physical evidence linking certain members of the Black Liberation Army to the Foster-Laurie double cop homicide in 1972. I

The true purpose of this law is revealed in the legislative notes that accompanied it.  There are hundreds of thousands of retired LEO’s in the U.S.  Most retire while still relatively young in years (which is proper in that this line of work ages you quickly).  The analogy used was that of a trained rescue diver arriving at the scene of an accident and being unable to do what their experience had prepared them for due to a lack of equipment.

We are unfortunately engaged in a global war against terror.  Why not allow those among us who have had the training and who have already demonstrated their dedication to at least have the "tools of their trade" available to allow them to defend us from the threats this great country now faces?

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