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Cryo Chamber

Brown Belt test tonight

Well, after missing the scheduled December test (due to a surgeon removing a torn Meniscus from my left knee) I am back on track with my Black Belt Adventure.  This evening I take the toughest test I will have until my Deputy Dan test; Brown Belt (4th brown).

I have 3 new one-steps (the 3rd with a take-down I have to perform on a willing stunt dummy), 3 jumping kicks and perhaps 5 forms to do. After all of that exausting stuff, I will have to fight 3 higher belts (one at a time).  As usual my guts are all twisted up with anticipation and performance fears.  I wish I could just turn off my emotion chip like Mr. Data can. :P

There isn’t anything tonight that I don’t know or can’t do, and I have been working hard to recover from the surgery and December holidays. I am certain I will do well… Makes no sense to stress out, I know; but here I am anyway… :)

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