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Cryo Chamber

Army of Ashaman

I have recently, and determinedly, begun my first trek through the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series; I put it off for years. I am ALMOST done with book 6 (Lord of Chaos) and I am completely absorbed with it. 

Rand, the Dragon Reborn, has been kidnapped by the darker half of a broken White Tower, filled with women who can channel The One Power, to be collared and controlled.  During a rescue by 1000′s of his Dragon Sworn, Rand’s secret army of Ashaman show what they can do by channeling the male half of the One Power.  They were created to be a weapon, and horrifically, they ARE.

This NEEDS to have the Peter Jackson touch and be put up on the big screen.  SICK sick sick.  Sick.Some of their ‘tools of the trade’: Forming a dome of interlocking weaves of air over their command center (shields), exploding earth, heads, bodies, people bursting into flames… (shudder)

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