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Take a Virtual Tour of the USS Constitution

Built in 1794, taking three years to complete, the USS Constitution was designed as a “lightweight” frigate, small enough to ride crests of waves. Unlike the larger British vessels, which would crash through larger waves because of their weight and size, Constitution was capable of outrunning adversaries.

Armed with 32 24 pound guns, and 22 32 pounders, some of which could be moved to the stern or bow of the ship, to better engage the enemy, Constitution could take on the larger British ships which at the time carried much more armaments than the American vessels.

Designed by Joshua Humphreys, she was an impressive work of American ingenuity. Built from a wide variety of American woods, some of the strongest available, her hull was thick enough to withstand cannonblasts, as were her masts(Constitution’s were built using four young trees banded together with iron bands). British vessels had one solid mast, which would splinter and collapse from a well aimed shot.

Sometimes taking on more than a few British ships at once, USS Constitution never once struck her colors to the enemy.

USS Constitution remains the USN’s oldest commissioned warship today.

Heres a picture of the ‘ol Girl

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