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High School Gun Safety Training Under Attack

ARIZONA STATE SENATE BILL-1271 Enacted 4/11/05, has recently come under attack by those folks that seem to know what’s “best” for the rest of us.

Guess these people are clueless that these types of electives were taught in school during a better time in America that recently prefers to be forgotten or just plainly ignored.

Tolleson highschool has an airgun range on campus that has been closed for quite a while. One of the highschools I attended had an ROTC elective in which students would march with demonstration rifles, which I doubt very seriously drill instructors would just hand over to students without any safety instructions, even if such rifles were rendered nonfunctional. ROTC students would even rappel down the sides of the tallest structures on campus, again safety would have to be taken into consideration.

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I’m no expert on statistics,but rappelling appears to have a higher chance of accident than handling a firearm.

In wood/metal shop us students could build a working crossbow, again there was not one accident in class or violence on campus,we were more at risk walking through the student parking lot, yet drivingschool has never been under scrutiny.

This elective will do more than teach safety, like teaching the history behind firearms, and the role firearms, (or more importantly an armed society), plays in preserving peace and freedom,and most importantly, our Constitutional rights & American way of life.

Maybe after all, this is what critics fear the most…

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