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Cryo Chamber

Border Patrol has message for Vicente Fox

and it isn’t what you might think…

Presidente Fox, HELP!: Will you please order your subordinate, George Bush, to get our borders under control? Bush won’t listen to the American people, he defies the will of 70 to 80% of us, but you have some obvious power over him. Can you help us out here pal?

Maybe order him to hire a few more Border Patrol agents and some equipment so we can patrol the borders? Get him to buy us a few patrol vehicles so we don’t have to drive worn out junk with over 150,000 or 200,000 miles on the odometer?

Maybe even get him to quit enticing millions more of your countrymen to come over here illegally by throwing endless amnesty proposals out there and telling us we shouldn’t be chasing them in the first place because they’re just good-hearted people coming here to take jobs we won’t do?

Maybe get a two-way radio system that actually works? We have a somewhat selfish motive for asking Presidente Fox. You see, at the rate Mr. Bush is cutting our budget, cutting our new hires, cutting our employment rights, depriving us of equipment, demoralizing our workforce with dumb statements, and cutting our pay, we believe that soon these “good hearted illegal aliens” he so desperately wants here may in fact really be doing a job soon that no American will want to do. The job of a Border Patrol agent!

We believe he may really have a pent-up and sincere desire to have the “fox” guarding the henhouse. We need some help here buddy. Please!!! Can you help save our jobs?

Border Patrol

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