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Cryo Chamber

Military Arms Reproductions

With all the reproductions of U.S. Military Arms, one rifle seems to have been forgotten.

Nowadays there are 1911′s being made by just about everyone,not to mention M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, Thompsons, Ar-15′s,M14′s, also revolvers chambered in .30 Carbine, and lend / lease revolvers in .45 ACP, and the SAA.

Perhaps manufacturing costs coupled with the limited use by the U.S. Military, and not being well known to the American people, has kept the Johnson rifle out of reach to folks unwilling to shell out upwards of four grand for this American war relic.

The Johnson rifle differs from most U.S. military rifles as it has a rotating cylinder chambered in .30-06.

Having a rotating cylinder much like a revolver, except after firing the Johnson, the automatic ejection allows the rifle to be loaded 1 round at a time, keeping the cylinder at max capacity.

Check out the system of operation, notice any difference between the Johnson and your Ar-15?

Should an American arms manufacturer decide to ever build this rifle I would pick one up in a heart beat!

Think I could get the CMP to let me use the Johnson in a match shoot?

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