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International Sportsmans Expo

Somethin’ cool to check out when it rolls through your hometown is the International Sportsmans Expo.

Anyone who enjoys hunting, fishing or just being in the wilderness can view all the latest gadgetry for the outdoorsperson.

Read more….Campers, boats and anything you’ll ever need for comfort to make your stay in the wilderness enjoyable.

Weatherproof maps of your hunt areas with roads, trails,and sometime in the future, Game and Fish tank locations, not to mention GPS locations. If you’re like me you need GPS locations to make sure you’ll find your way out again!

My fav’s were the Game and Fish booths,which had live owls, falcons, a hawk, Gila monster, and different species of rattlesnakes-mmm, tasty!

Apache reservation Game and Fish had an aquarium stocked with the yellow Apache trout,recently taken off the endangered species list,something not too many folks have ever seen before.

Also got to see the new Super Bee Dodge pick-up with the HEMI!

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