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Paintball Gun Trade In Program

For Immediate Release:

January 3, 2005

Contact: KT Tran – 408-727-3144

News: Paintball Gun Trade In Program

Name: Real Action Paintball

Location: 5151 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Date: January 3, 2005

Real Action Paintball Announces First Ever Trade-In Offer

Santa Clara, CA, 12/13/04 – Car dealers let you do it. Computer resellers let you do it. So why don’t other industries let you do it, too? Thanks to Real Action Paintball, after today that question can no longer be asked of the paintball industry.

For several years now, Real Action Paintball (online at has offered a range of realistic paintball markers that are designed to give the customer an experience that is as true as possible. The cornerstone of this mission is the RAP4, the first paintball marker designed like a real assault rifle, the military’s M4. Following in that tradition of being the cutting edge of law enforcement and military training as well as real action and military simulation games, Real Action Paintball announced yet another industry first today: an equipment trade-in program.

“Real Action Paintball will take any paintball markers, air soft guns, or bb guns in trade,” said KT Tran, owner and operator of Real Action Paintball. “They don’t even need to be working for the customer to earn $150 in credit.” That credit, says Mr. Tran, can be used towards the purchase of a

RAP4 Paintball Gun,

T68 Paintball

, or a T16 Paintball


“We unite and serve several disciplines – including airsoft, paintball, military, and law enforcement training – so we decided the best way to serve our broad customer base is to allow them to trade in the old equipment they already have for new.”

The offer comes just in time for the holidays, when people might be looking for that perfect gift either for themselves or a friend or family member. Though the end date for the offer has yet to be determined, Mr. Tran believes that it will be a success since it targets a customer base who have already expressed their interest in real action games and training by investing in equipment of some sort.

“We just want to make it easier for our customers to get the newest and best products available.”

Terms and conditions of the offer can be found on Real Action Paintball’s website, at, and questions can be directed to or (408) 727-3144.

Complete line of Real Action Paintball’s product. Top, RAP4 – M4 military style

assault rifle. Middle, RAP5 – HK MP5 sub-machine gun. Bottom, RAP17 – Glock 17

pistol. Real Action Paintball’s product are designed from the cutting edge of

technology today.

RAP4 Real action marker paintball gun. The RAP4 is the most realistic

training system; safe; non-lethal and non-toxic ammunition; force-on-force and

man-to-man live fire scenario training. The RAP4 is a true 1 to 1 scale that

uses .43 caliber paintball marking round. More

information videos and images of the RAP4

The RAP5 or MP5A4 RAM is the latest Real Action

Marker Paintball Gun based on the HK MP5 Submachine Gun. The RAP5 has an active

select switch (semi or full-auto), and ejects empty cases as they’re fired! The

MP5 is available with a 20 rounds magazine and solid stock that holds the CO2

cylinder inside. The RAP5 is a full size replica! The latest design that

increased reliability and accuracy. They are perfect for tactical training and

for incredible scenario paintball. More

information of the RAP5.

 The RAP17 is designed to

replicate the look, feel, and functionality of a real modern handgun. However,

RAP17 can only be used to shoot .43 caliber paintball marking rounds. Unlike other RAP Series, the RAP17 doesn’t eject

shell casings. The paintballs are loaded into a magazine which can hold 10

rounds and the magazine is inserted into the handgrip. Just like a real handgun,

the RAP17 stops shooting when the magazine is emptied. More

information of the RAP17.

# # #

- END –

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