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New Twelve Step Program

After missing countless family reunions, putting off housework, making excuses to my employer as to why I would not be coming to work, sometimes for a week at a time, I had not realized the seriousness of my addiction.

Last week, I spent my last bit of money, not on food, but on the new S&W .500 Magnum, thinking a larger caliber would elevate me to the feeling I had the first time I fired a gun, only to find out how wrong I was.

I left the range, stopping to rest behind a sporting goods store, and as I clutched a paper bag holding my last bit of ammo, I trembled from the withdrawals that occurred from a lack of burning gunpowder.

Not knowing what else to do, I’ve decided to seek help with others who know what I am going through, and the first step is admitting I have a problem.

Here is a link for anyone out there with the same problem.

Good luck

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