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Man dies after apparently encouraging friend to shoot him

10:21 AM MST on Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Associated Press

OROFINO – A 20-year-old Orofino man is dead after apparently daring a friend to shoot him through a protective vest.

Officials say Alexander Swandic died of a gunshot wound to the heart.

And his friend, 30-year-old David Hueth of Kamiah, is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Police claim Swandic asked Hueth to shoot him. They apparently tested the vest by propping it against a dirt bank and firing at it twice, and the bullets didn’t break through.

But when Swandic was shot after donning the vest, the bullet broke through the material and lodged in his heart.

Clearwater County Sheriff’s Deputy Guy Cordle says the vest was designed to protect against grenade fragments, not bullets.

If convicted, Hueth faces up to ten years in prison. He’s scheduled for a preliminary hearing on December 27th.


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