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Cryo Chamber

The Lou9000 Nears Completion

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“The Lou9000 is basically a Thompson .45 knock-off installed in a Zytel SKS stock, with a 26.5mm H&K flare launcher affixed as a fore grip. Lou has added a bayonet and a Mag-light, and also added a nice two-tone finish. The main decal reads “Lou9000″, with other decals depicting the SMVM White Rose, and a warning sticker that says, “Hearing Protection Required.” Lou has also developed his own Camp-Stasa oriented winter camo, dubbed “Stasaflage”, and his own distinctive brown, black, and green “Louflage”. He has also adapted a 20 round BAR mag to fit a .30-’06 bolt action rifle, among other feats of ingenuity.

Here’s a picture of this weapon.

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