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PA Police Opinion Poll

Found this at

“The following survey of rank-and-file police attitudes toward firearms and firearms ownership was performed by Mr. Stephen L. Christopoulos, viagra buy a research analyst at Easton Hospital, Easton, PA. The poll covered police departments in Lehigh and Northampton Counties. These two counties are developed, suburban counties in Eastern Pennsylvania, with Allentown being the principle urban/industrial center.

Read more…The results of the survey are extremely interesting in their own right. However, I have an additional motivation for seeking to distribute them widely; namely that officials in the city of Allentown took rather extreme steps, resorting to threats in attempting to suppress them. I would therefore like to see these results distributed and quoted as widely as possible. Even if you do not find them particularly interesting, please cross- and re-post them as widely as possible. Directing them to newspaper reporters, journalists, and talk-show hosts would be effective.”

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