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Cryo Chamber

New Pistol from Beretta

Beretta is coming out with a new gun in January called the PX4. Initially the gun will be in 9mm and .40 but will later be available in .357 and .45 ACP. Polymer frame with rail.

A flyer can be found at:
or on my page at .

Read more for the specs.


Length (overall): 7.6″

Barrell: 4.0″

Height: 5.5″

Width: 1.4″

Grip Width: 1.2″

Sight Radius: 5.7″

Trigger Reach (w/ sm and med b/strap): 2.95″

Trigger Reach (w/ lg b/strap): 2.99″

Weight (w/ empty mag): 27.5oz

Trigger Pull . SA 3.52lbs – 5.5lbs , decease DAO 9.9lbs – 13.2lbs , Fast Action 8.36lbs

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