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What a friend we have in the Australian people

The people of Australia, historically of questionable heritage, have shown themselves to be true friends to both the Iraq and American people. Their honor is apparent and places them far above the spineless voters of Spain, France, California, New York and Germany.

Australia’s conservative Prime Minister John Howard, a key U.S. ally and supporter of the Iraq war, celebrated on Sunday his election win after voters enjoying the fruits of a strong economy gave him another term.

Howard’s ruling coalition won a fourth consecutive term on Saturday with what appeared certain to be an increased majority. In December he will become Australia’s second-longest serving prime minister.

Howard’s victory ensures that Australian troops will remain in Iraq. Latham (THE *LOSER*) wanted Australia’s 850 troops serving in and around Iraq home by Christmas.

Thank you Australia. This will not be forgotten by the Conservative Majority in America. I can’t say the same for the Liberals in this country who feel 1000 heroric soldier deaths are more traumatic than 3000 innocent civilians being killed in cold blood.

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