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comic book desktop wallpapers

I was browsing around Google looking for sites which link to me when I came across Molallaboy’s Gallery of comic book images which he had converted for use on Desktops. There are just too many excellent ones to pick from.

The image I show to the left is Gambit (Remy) of the X-Men. He is my favorite character for the following reasons: He is a Cajun thief, he can release kinetic energy from objects and has a power to manipulate emotions (think women).

I haven’t kept up with the comics for the past 3 years, but 3 years ago my friend Mikey had some nasty theory that Remy was the long lost brother of Scott Summers (Cyclops) the goody-goody boy-scout. He thinks this because of the red/black of Remy’s eyes, the nature of his power and because he had been funneled through Mr. Sinister’s foster home for wayward Mutants along with the sissy Summers and his brother Havoc.

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