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Gun Facts

The Gun Facts web site has undergone a major revision, recipe and so has our volunteer tracking system. So I need your help (it will only take a minute).

In revising the web site, viagra approved we have overhauled the notification and volunteer registration system. So we are asking everyone on the current list to re-register. If you do not re-register, you will not be notified of new versions of Gun Facts as you have been in the past. To re-register:

1) Visit

2) Click on the “Sign-up” menu item.

3) Fill-in the blanks. Be sure to check any boxes to indicate how you might be able to help with future versions of the Gun Facts e-book.

Since the site is a complete overhaul, we would appreciate any feedback you have, or if you catch any typos or misspellings.

Yours in Liberty

Guy Smith

Author, Gun Facts

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