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Voting once in an election year is not enough

All around the country voter apathy is near an all time high. Come November second millions of voters say they will not vote due to their lack of interest in the candidates. This is their own fault, I know. But as politically active people there is some thing we can do about it.

Get them to vote twice in an election year.No, I am not saying that we try to violate election laws. I am talking about getting more people to vote in primary elections. One of my coworker always votes Libertarian. I live in Illinois- a vote for a Libertarian is a vote taken a way from a Republican (no offence to the libertarians but its true). When I asked my friend why he always voted libertarian rather than Republican he said that he did not like the Republicans stance on items like the Patriot act. It struck me that rather than try to change the major party he was most affiliated with he was just becoming disenfranchise. I expressed to him that if he voted in primary elections he could help to change the Republican party to a more limited government party.

Think about it- do you think that all of the members the Brady Campaign (HCI) will be voting in the primary to ensure that a gun restrictive candidate will be put on the ballot in November. With that in mind if more “average” people where to show up and vote at a primary the special interest vote would be diluted down to the small percentage of the population it actually is.

I encourage all of the other activists at Geeks with Guns to encourage the disenfranchised to vote in their primary elections for the person who most fits their view. The more people that vote in primary elections the more the parties will represent real Americans vice special interest groups.

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