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Taxing the Internet

Without action by Congress, pilule the current Internet Tax Freedom Act expires this Friday, this October 31st. Soon the U.S. Senate is likely to begin debating the bill, shop S. 150, the Internet Tax Non-Discrimination Act, to update and make permanent the law to ensure that all methods of internet access-DSL, cable, satellite, or wireless-are covered by the moratorium.

Strange as it may sound, under the current moratorium, internet access using telecommunications services may be subject to state and local taxes, while cable and satellite access is covered by the moratorium and, therefore, is tax- free. Clearly, an extension of current law is not good enough.

(more…)S. 150 is critical legislation that would permanently keep internet access and internet services free from discriminatory taxes. If it is passed as currently written, it will also fix the bias against DSL in favor of cable modem service. This measure was passed by voice vote in the House in September, and unanimously in the Senate Commerce Committee. Now, state and local officials are trying to kill the bill, so they can tax internet service.

The Senate needs to act.

Your help is needed now. Please go to for more information and urge your Senators to pass S. 150, the Internet Tax Non-Discrimination Act.

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