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Cryo Chamber

Strange Name links have popped up in ‘strange’ places before, but this one is claiming that is strange.

Speaking of domain names, I see it is getting close to the time to renew this one. Know what that means? turns 3 years old! Yay!

What shall we do to celebrate? Perhaps we need to give away some T-shirts. I am thinking perhaps a random drawing from the listing of users registered with us. That is only about 160 right now (we have only been accepting free memberships since mid-year). That is some pretty nice odds, don’t you think?

Another link of interest: StarBanker’s “Intergalactic Capitalist”
More-so of interest, ol’ StarBanker has an article and photo of ex-general Clark (and x-republican i might add) wearing Mladic’s Serbian cap and letting that genocidal murderer wear the cap of an American Three-Star General. That really pisses me off.

And did you know there is still a Red-(not)Scare? Yeah! Greg “commie” Yardley, a one-time-commie-bastage-who-may-still-be-one-but-he-avoids-the-subject has a site called commiewatch, where he supposedly writes about what the little reds are up to.

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