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Oozy and Squishy

Oozy and Squishy relax after a day of torture and rape.

Oh glorious day. Lusers Qusay Saddam Hussein and Uday Saddam Hussein and a son of theirs were finally reunited with the devil in Hell… May they suffer for eternity.


The U.S. military has used dental records and Xrays of previous injuries Saddam Hussein’s sons sustained to confirm the deaths of the much-feared Qusay and Uday Hussein, a military spokesman said Wednesday.

“Yesterday was a landmark day for the people and for the future of Iraq,” Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez told reporters in Baghdad Wednesday.

As the U.S. military detailed the raid on the house in Mosul where Saddam’s sons were holed up, the news was tempered somewhat by the announcement that two U.S. soldiers were killed and eight were wounded Wednesday in separate attacks.


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