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Man Tries to Rob Gun Shop with Toy Pistol

I sure miss the Great Depression.

PARIS (Reuters) – Armed with a toy pistol, a would-be robber picked himself an unlikely target in central Paris — a gun shop.

Staff at the Armurerie Gare de l’Est in the French capital immediately identified the weapon as harmless. The 26-year-old Mauritanian was subsequently arrested, Le Parisien newspaper reported on Friday.

He was unlucky — earlier this year a fake rocket launcher was successfully used in a break-out from a prison on the unruly Mediterranean island of Corsica.

A member of staff at the gun shop confirmed there had been a robbery attempt, but declined to give further details.


Idiot! :) HAhaha!

What kind of Gun Shop would actually be in downtown Paris? They knew it was a toy guy so quickly because they probably SOLD toy guys.

See folks, we have it all wrong. They french aren’t cowards, they are just disarming themselves down the foodchain.

Source: Mon Jul 7, 9:29 AM ET

Oddly Enough – Reuters to My Yahoo!

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