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Cryo Chamber

I have finally formed an opinion

I have now watched, in this order, Friday the 13th 1, 2, 3 and 5. I believe I can properly predict who will win in a fight between Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees.

I believe what will happen in the movie is that Freddy will be making his rounds through dreamlands killing and tormenting until he comes across a victim he wouldn’t have intentially molested if he were to know the hell within the mind of Jason. I am betting Freddy would find this mind intriguing and poke around enraging Jason.
(more…)For those who may not know about the Friday the 13th movies let me give you what I do know. It was one of the first movies to dip into Urban Legends theme, without actually using the phrase like the movies “Candy Man” and “Urban Legend” did.

The quick history: Jason drowned as a pre-teen at a camp lake. Jasons body was never recovered and his mother went mad with the loss and the apparent ineptitude of the councilors. She hacks up a few until she is beheaded by the 2nd to last camper (remember the guy who stayed in the Bar? I don’t think he ever went back). I believe Jason woke from death to witness the beheading and crawled his half-rotted corpse into the woods where he grew up to a mindless killer with an alter to his mother… her head atop it.

Even in death, Jason’s (or Jason’s Mommys) blind hatred for the living continues though a few movies even as a madness spreading to others who either use the legend as a cover for murder or from a now-grown survivor of a run in with the Original Jason who’s madness drives him to put on the mask.

Yes, this is a boring post, I know. Anyway, Freddy will realize he is screwing the pooch and get himself out of there quickly as he can. What could Freddy possibly do to frighten Jason? That is Freddies true weapon; fear. Jasons true weapon isn’t his machete, it is his total lack of fear.

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