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Getting a grip on Minnesota gun laws

Who would have thought that a former US Navy SEAL, Pro-WWF Wrestler, and movie tough guy would have turned out to be such a limp noodle when it comes to Firearms? I am just glad I am no where near Minnesota. The gun laws regarding lawful concealed carry are illogical at best, and down right stupid at worst. First off, what is it with state CCW permit reciprocity? It should be just like a driver’s liscense. Acceptable every where you want to go in all 50 states. However this is not the case. There is an asinine game being played and states are creating little clubs of member states where they are accepting each others CCW Permits and not anyone elses.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason for this. Especially with Minnesota.

Minnesota is not prom queen when it comes to CCW Permit issuance.

27 states require fingerprints of permit applicants; Minnesota does not.

10 states take applications under oath and penalty of perjury; Minnesota does not.

25 states deny permits to people convicted of misdemeanors; most misdemeanors are not grounds for denial in Minnesota.

That is pretty slack. Other states are a lot more strict when it comes to who they issue CCW permits for, but that isn’t good enough for Minnesota. So who is? Who is good enough for Minnesota? Michigan, Louisiana and Wyoming. Interesting. States that are not even boardering Minnesota. Wouldn’t it be nice to conduct business that is just across a state line and be able to pack your weapon of choice with you? I think it would be great. But gun laws never made sense anyways. Typically because they are all written by Liberals to begin with… and when Liberals start making sense, then they have won or I have gone insane in the membrane.

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