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Ann Coulter Satire

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I really do love satire, even when it is attacking something I hold dear or someone I admire. had this poster supposedly showing how Ann Coulter is leading young women down the dark path of Rightwing Parroting.

Researchers at the Field Museum in Chicago announced today that a new link between birds and talk show pundits has been found. Cladistic analysis of Archaeopteryx fossils compared to a brain scan of pundit Ann Coulter’s pea sized brain revealed remarkable similarities that cannot be explained by convergence alone.

Dr. Salmon Rusty of the Field Museum stated: “The link between between humans and birds has now been clearly established. In fact, Archaeopteryx’s brain mass was about 35% greater than that of Ann Coulter. Similar data was reported from a Cornell study based on a brain size comparison between Geraldo Rivera and the Common Grackle.”

(more…)Here is some text I found on another website

Washington (IWR Satire) – Last Night on the O’Reilly Factor, Ann Coulter was quoted as saying that Mister Rogers should be executed and used an example for liberals and all their tainted offspring.

“I get tired of hearing Mister Rogers spout all this liberal gibberish about love, compassion and tolerance. Mister Rogers has the worst possible advice for our kids. I mean is he like gay or something?
” [source]

I don’t mind giving this site a link from here. It’s funny after all, if not wrong.

I found these when I was checking on my rankings in Google. Searching on Ann Coulter Sexy brought up as the first listed! :) Hehe.

Interested in more Ann Coulter Satire?

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