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Save Farscape

Oh My Sweet Farscape – I now know what it must have been like for those early Star Trek fans when Gene R’s space western STAR TREK was cancelled after only a handful of episodes. They must have first gawked in disbelief, then choked back sorrow, then perhaps became ANGRY, and then settled down to a respectable goal of changing a consumer ignoring MONSTER like the SciFi Channel.

FarScape, from the SciFi channel.
Star Trek was brought back by the strength of numbers. Enough people insisted on it that an audience was guaranteed, and the show was continued. Yeah, we have the internet now, so should be easy, right? Ha! Who here in the room, by a show of hands, reads every unsolicited email in their inbox? Spam people enough, they will stop reading. This is going to take money and hand written notes. We need to:

And I don’t mean like how I never tried to Save the Whales, I mean how I tried to save my kids from a mental mother. Like thinking about it and attacking the issue like it was a backed up toilet… With all expediency. – [Please Save FarScape]

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