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Cryo Chamber

No more fishing the oceans, great lakes or inland waters?

The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing the nation’s oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.

“When the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) completed their successful campaign to convince the Ontario government to end [...]

Global Norming Concensus Proves Climate Strange Is Real

Using a highly reliable measuring system know as the five senses, decease human beings in their billions have come to the conclusion, viagra that the only certainty about the weather on planet earth, advice is that it keeps on changing in very strange ways. Some times hot, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, sometimes dry. This mind [...]

When the Press Favors Secrecy

Here’s a dirty little secret about The New York Times: It likes to leak things. Important things. [...]

Global Warming Scares Me, I like having winter in Arkansas

Baked Alaska on the Menu?



Skeptics of global warming should come to this Eskimo village on the Arctic Ocean, roughly 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It’s hard to be complacent about climate change when you’re in an area that normally is home to animals like polar [...]