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Cryo Chamber

National Low-Flow Toilet Blowup Day

On Sunday, view April 27, over 100 shooters from across the country (including many computer geeks) gathered at Boomershoot in North Central Idaho to unite in therapeutic self-expression, taking their low-flow toilet annoyances out of the bathroom and onto the gun range. Shooters fired at a government-regulated low-flow toilet. A toiled filled with reactive targets, [...]

'Lie-In' Held At U.S. Supreme Court To Protest Gun Laws

WASHINGTON — Demonstrators gathered outside the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday on the anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech to protest gun laws.A group of 32 demonstrators lay down on the court’s steps to demand stricter gun control regulations.Student gunman Seung-Hue Cho killed 32 faculty and students last year.

The protestors stayed on the ground [...]

Understanding the Tax Rebate program

I thought this was a great explanation of the tax rebate program now being debated in Congress.

50,000 people went to a baseball game, but the game was rained out. A refund was then due.

The team was about to mail refunds when a group of Congressional Democrats stopped them and suggested that [...]

Can 10,000 computer simulations be wrong?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are HERE!  It’s the reason for the season, and for those who are going to put some money on it in Vegas, you might want to look at this…

Are any teams a lock for the Finals? Want to know how each series will finish? Wondering what will happen to your [...]

The 13 Most Irresponsible Self Defense Gadgets Money Can Buy

We live in dangerous times. Well, not really. Actually, life in the 21st century is safer than ever before. This, however, doesn’t stop people from selling and buying overpriced and often useless self-defense products.

While most of the stuff on the market will simply gather dust on your shelf/purse/man-bag that’s not actually a purse, [...]

Charlton Heston moves on

Legendary actor, civil rights leader and political activist Charlton Heston passed away today, at the age of 84.

The Heston family issued the following statement: "To his loving friends, colleagues and fans, we appreciate your heartfelt prayers and support. Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life. He was known for his [...]

Gun Rights Advocates Podcast

I came across this Gun Rights Advocates Podcast today, and was wondering if anyone else wanted to listen with me, and perhaps discuss the show in our forums.

Here’s the link(s):

iTunes – RSS Podcast – RSS Blog – Zune

This guy may be doing the kind of work that I should be doing, but [...]

Gun Facts @ Libertarian Party national convention

Howdy, sildenafil  Just a quick note about Gun Facts.

I’ll be speaking at the Libertarian Party national convention in Denver on May 24th (though I’ll be there all weekend).  If you are in that region, or active in libertarian circles, I hope you’ll drift over to the convention and we’ll have a chance to [...]