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House GOP Orders Holder To Cooperate On Gunwalker Probe

House Republican leaders on Friday sent a letter to Attorney General Herr Erich H. Holder Jr. demanding he comply with the GOP’s official investigation into Obama administration gun-running operation Fast & Furious, which allowed hundreds of guns to be sneaked across the border to Mexican cartels.

In the letter, Speaker John A. Boehner and his [...]

Sentencing Reset For Men In Fast & Furious Case

A new sentencing date has been set for two men who admitted to participating in a gun smuggling ring that was investigated by the federal government in Operation Fast and Furious.

Jacob Wayne Chambers and Jacob Anthony Montelongo had been scheduled to be sentenced on Monday for their earlier guilty pleas to one conspiracy charge.


Suspect In Fast & Furious Was Arrested, Let Go Previously

There‚Äôs new fallout from the botched gun-running operation Fast and Furious. Fox News has learned the accused ringleader was arrested and released three times — and two of those arrests happened in Phoenix.

The most wanted man in the Fast and Furious investigation was caught in the act on a government camera firing 10 rounds [...]