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Cryo Chamber

What Can We Learn From The Koreans About Gun Control?

If all hell breaks out in America, shop will the police be there to protect us? We don’t have to go back very far in time to find a microcosm of what could happen. The Occupy Movement and high-profile people like Cornell West are itching for a fight.

“It’s a major question of priorities here. [...]

How the Brits arm themselves

The riots in the not-so-United Kingdom is encouraging our brethren over across the pond to arm themselves. Fire (or arms using fire) is not acceptable, so there’s an upswing in bludgeoning weapons over at! [...]

Life Is Too Precious To Run Out Of Bullets

Rabbi Bendory Minutes before lunatic Jared Loughner began his mayhem in Arizona, buy information pills the issue of a Federal high capacity ammunition magazine ban was a complete political non-starter.

Obama didn’t go near it when he had Democratic majorities and he certainly wouldn’t have tried it after the election rout of 2010.

High cap [...]