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Cryo Chamber

Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Try To Shoot Down Airliner

A shocking video shows Obama-backed Syrian rebels attempting to shoot down a civilian airliner over the Idlib province in another disturbing example of how taxpayer money is being used to support terrorists.

The footage shows members of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) manning an anti-aircraft gun and debating whether or not they should target [...]

“Give Me Back My Bullets”

Howie Glaser, discount owner of United Nations Ammo Company of Phoenix Arizona, viagra 40mg and one of the players in the saga of US trucker Jabin Bogan, charged in Mexico with smuggling prohibited ammunition into the country, seems to be losing all pretense of concern for the welfare of Bogan.

Glaser’s underlying message at the [...]

‘Spies’ Use Bogus Facebook Account

Spies opened a fake Facebook account under the name of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Adm. James Stavridis, and fooled senior British defense and government officials into accepting friend requests, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

The incident allowed the reportedly Chinese spies access to the personal email and contact information of some British officials, but it was [...]

The 5.7x28mm “Cop Killer” Cartridge Myth

As a U.S. Government intelligence manager, information pills I receive a significant number of “Officer Safety” alerts generated by a wide variety of local, drug state and federal law enforcement agencies. One alert that regularly rears its ugly head focuses on the alleged “cop killer” 5.7x28mm round fired by the Five-seveN pistol manufactured by Fabrique [...]