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Armed Burglar Meets Armed Homeowner

A 24-year-old man is facing charges and recovering from a bullet wound to the leg after a home break-in near St. Louis.

Authorities say a 59-year-old Jefferson County resident was awakened at 2 a.m. Tuesday to find a burglar with a handgun in his home. The homeowner pulled out his own gun and fired two [...]

‘Guns And Ammo’ Editor Charged In Northern Arizona Slaying

The editor of “Guns and Ammo” magazine is charged with second degree murder in connection with a shooting on Wednesday.

Richard Venola, 53, was arrested at his home on Mayan Drive in the small community of Golden Valley.

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies responding to a neighbor’s call about a shooting found the victim, 39-year-old James [...]

Arizona Man Accused Of Firing At Sheriff’s Deputies

A man has been arrested in northern Arizona for allegedly firing shots at two Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies.

Authorities say the deputies weren’t injured and 29-year-old Colt White was taken into custody shortly after Wednesday morning’s incident at his father’s house.

Sheriff’s officials say they were asked by White’s father to counsel him regarding some [...]

Why Couldn’t Marissa Alexander Stand Her Ground In Florida?

What happened to Marissa Alexander sure sounds alot like ‘standing your ground’: her abusive husband came after her, choked her, and when she finally broke free, she grabbed a gun fired a single warning shot into ceiling … so why is she set to serve 20 years in jail?

Well, we imagine her [...]