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Cryo Chamber

Federal Attempt to Ban Firearm Sales

The rush is on to ban private firearm sales at gun shows under the guise of referring to these sales as a “loophole.”

Federal law does not currently restrict private firearm transfers between law-abiding citizens whether they take place at home or at a gun show, prescription and NAGR is taking a stand to keep [...]

Gun Show Bill A De-Facto Ban

Rabidly anti-gun Congressman Mike Quigley (IL-5) will be holding a public hearing on a bill he has co-sponsored that would put gun shows under the supervision of the federal government.

The bill, pilule HR 2324, there would subject gun show hosts to a slew of pointless, time consuming regulations in addition to heaping all sorts [...]

Gunowners:Expect The Worst From Lame-Duck Congress

President Obama has recently dropped his cagey and coy dissembling about his true “gun control” plans. In July of this year he once again made it completely clear that he was in favor of a renewed “assault weapon” ban.

Obama is no longer laying low on the issue. We also know where Obama’s socialist [...]

Machine Guns Vs. Assault Weapons

The mainstream anti-gun media does a terrible job in reporting on guns, information pills and much of it is misunderstood even when the reporting is close to accurate.

The media would have you believe that “assault weapons” are in fact “machine guns,” but that’s not really the case. Here is why.

Anyone who has studied [...]

Rand Paul At Gun Show

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul reached out to gun advocates in Louisville Saturday. He is trying to shore up support from a major voting bloc. Fox 41 talked exclusively with Paul in a television interview about guns, drug political support and his strategy for moving past the backlash against his campaign.

Fox 41 was [...]