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Cryo Chamber

Fort Hood now requiring firearm registration

In what is probably a completely worthless move, drug Fort Hood, find Texas is now requiring firearm be registered with the base.

FORT HOOD – A new policy requires anyone living or temporarily staying on Fort Hood register all privately-owned firearms.

Fort Hood commanding general, viagra buy Lt. Gen. Robert Crone, signed the order into [...]

Tiahrt to Mayors: Stop Politicizing Fort Hood Deaths

U.S. Congressman Todd Tiahrt (pronounced TEE-hart), try R-Kan., released the following statement in response to heinous accusations from Mayor Bloomberg’s political organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns. On Monday the Bloomberg organization paid for a full-page advertisement in the Washington Post assigning blame for the Fort Hood massacre, in part, to firearm policy authored by Tiahrt [...]

Suspicious Package Found at Fort Benning

A Fort Benning spokesman says Army officials are investigating whether a suspicious note and package found at the west Georgia post is a viable threat.

Bob Purtiman says a soldier found the note and package Thursday morning in an outdoor gazebo. The soldier immediately told a supervisor, page who called 911. Purtiman would not say [...]