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Floridians Back ‘Stand Your Ground’

A poll from Quinnipiac University unveiled on Thursday finds that Floridians remain behind the “Stand Your Ground” law that has received new attention following the incident.

The poll of registered voters finds that Floridians remain solidly in support of “Stand Your Ground, prostate ” with 56 percent backing the law while 35 percent oppose it. [...]

Trayvon Ma Takes Aim At ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

In a video timed to coincide with Mother’s Day weekend, more about the mother of slain teenager Trayvon Martin urged people around the country to push for new scrutiny of “stand your ground” self-defense laws like those in Florida and about two dozen other states.

George Zimmerman, pilule the neighborhood-watch volunteer who fatally shot the [...]

Why Couldn’t Marissa Alexander Stand Her Ground In Florida?

What happened to Marissa Alexander sure sounds alot like ‘standing your ground’: her abusive husband came after her, choked her, and when she finally broke free, she grabbed a gun fired a single warning shot into ceiling … so why is she set to serve 20 years in jail?

Well, we imagine her [...]

Fla. Gov. Wants ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Review

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday named 17 members to a commission charged with examining the merits of the state’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, The Miami Herald reported.

The Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection was created after the law came under fire as authorities waited over six weeks to arrest George [...]

‘Stand Your Ground’ Supported By Democrats, Not Just GOP

Politicians and pundits continue to politicize the shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, suggesting that the lawmakers who helped to expand self-defense rights – passing laws similar to Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in their respective states – are somehow culpable for the teen’s death.

What’s fascinating though, is that many ‘Stand Your Ground’ [...]

Most Americans Back Gun Lobby, Right To Use Deadly Force

Most Americans support the right to use deadly force to protect themselves – even in public places – and have a favorable view of the National Rifle Association, online the main gun-lobby group, pilule a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.

However, more about there was also strong support from respondents for background checks as well as [...]

Coke Withdraws From Group Supporting Castle Doctrine

Coca-Cola Co is dropping its membership in a conservative national advocacy group that supports “Stand Your Ground” laws such as the one being used as a defense in the Florida killing of an unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin.

The move by the world’s biggest soft drink maker comes as corporate America faces increased scrutiny from [...]

Why The Nation Is Arming Itself

With the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer who was legally carrying a 9-mm handgun, patient the familiar wail has arisen from our cultural and media elite:

America has too many guns!

“Open carry” and “concealed carry” laws should be repealed.

Florida’s “Stand-your-ground” law, link replicated in two dozen states, threatens [...]

Biden:Let’s Crack Down On Guns

“It’s important that people be put in a position where their Second Amendment rights are protected, but that they also don’t, as a consequence of the laws, unintendedly put themselves in harm’s way … The idea that there’s this overwhelming additional security in the ownership and carrying concealed and deadly weapons… I think it’s the [...]

Wisconsin Shooting Scrutinizes “Castle” Law

The decision by authorities not to charge a homeowner who shot dead an unarmed black man in a small Wisconsin town three weeks ago has drawn scrutiny to the state’s new “castle doctrine” law and comparisons to the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida.

Authorities ruled the killing of Bo Morrison, 20, by a Slinger, [...]