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Cryo Chamber

Hummer With A Grenade Launcher In Sinaloa

Elements of the Mexican Army stationed in the Ninth Military Zone were in a surveillance tours Hummer abandoned in the mountains of the town of Choix, this which had a grenade launcher attachment, plus thousands of cartridges.

On April 28, 19 suspected gunmen were killed by soldiers during a clash.

According to official information, military [...]

EXECUTE A YOUTH With The ‘Cop Killers’

Note: Another rare report of the 5.7 being used. For the non gunnies, the ammo available here is the varmint load, not the armor piercing. Rapid expansion, little penetration. Original AP (armor piercing) ammo only available to governments.

With his head destroyed with a gun known as the ‘cop killer’, was found the body of [...]