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‘Spies’ Use Bogus Facebook Account

Spies opened a fake Facebook account under the name of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Adm. James Stavridis, and fooled senior British defense and government officials into accepting friend requests, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

The incident allowed the reportedly Chinese spies access to the personal email and contact information of some British officials, but it was [...]

Will The 2nd Amendment Come Under Fire This Month?

Within the next month, Congress will be taking actions that will impact our Second Amendment rights.

Here’s what we’re facing. On or about September 30, Congress will consider a “continuing resolution” (CR) to fund the government from October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012.

Well, you can be sure about this — when it comes [...]

Media Coverage Of ATF Corruption Investigation Nonexistent

A whistle-blowing agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, advice Tobacco, purchase Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has received a response to his Freedom of Information Act request to find out how much money the agency is spending with the private law firm of Delany, Siegel, Zorn & Associates to handle Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints against [...]

Former Owner, Officials Rally To Replace Bushmaster

With Bushmaster Firearm’s sudden announcement last week that it will close March 31 and lay off 73 employees in the process, the property’s owner, state and local leaders are scrambling to replace one of Windham’s best-known and most successful companies.

Dick Dyke, the former owner of Bushmaster who bought it out of bankruptcy in 1976 [...]

Utah Permitless CCW

Gun rights advocates in Utah are pushing a new law that would let residents carry loaded, concealed firearms in public without a permit.

In its newsletter this week, the Utah Shooting Sports Council listed the so-called “Constitutional carry” law as one of its top priorities for the 2011 Legislature, which convenes in January. The council [...]

Sen. Vitter supports gun ban, terror list

Sen. David Vitter, buy information pills R-La., look whose support for gun rights has earned him support from the National Rifle Association, order is considering whether to buck the organization and back a bill barring people on the U.S. terrorism watch list from buying guns.

“The recent attempted bombing in Times Square by a naturalized [...]

Illinois banning AR-15′s threatens jobs

Illinois House members are preparing to vote on a bill to ban the sale of certain firearms by Illinois gun manufacturers to Illinois residents.

The legislation would affect four area gun manufacturers — Springfield Armory and ArmaLite in Geneseo, try Rock River Arms in Colona and Lewis Machine and Tool in Milan — that employ [...]

Time to pull the plug on long-gun registry

There was palpable glee among gun-control activists as three big-ticket police groups stood shoulder to shoulder to defend the long-gun registry.

Wonderful! How could the gun nuts, sale hunters’ lobby and various other hayseeds (the ‘less enlightened in the Conservative caucus, recipe ’ sniffed one editorial) maintain their retrograde stance now?

After all — thus [...]

Insta-Check bill moves

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation would continue conducting firearm background checks, dosage known as Insta-Check, here under a bill that passed out of the House yesterday.

Gun rights enthusiasts have blasted Insta-Check as being unnecessary and costly, pharmacy while gun control activists praise the state background check as a way to prevent gun-related tragedies in [...]

Breaking the stigma of ‘AR’

If Jim Zumbo had the National Shooting Sports Foundation in his corner a few years ago, cure he might still be the hunting editor of Outdoor Life magazine.

Zumbo was literally driven from the temple after expressing discouraging words in his web site blog about the viability of so-called “black rifles” or AR-15-style guns as [...]