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Burglar Returns Second Time To Grandma’s Home

whoopassThe grandson of a 98-year-old Michigan woman feared something was amiss when he saw while at his own home that the monitor, medicine which he used as a caregiver to stay in touch about her well-being, viagra  was disconnected.

MLive reported the 49-year-old grandson, viagra 40mg who was not identified by name, headed over to her home Sunday and found she had been burglarized. The grandmother didn’t notice she was being burglarized when it initially happened because of her poor eyesight and hearing.

Thieves had entered forcibly through the backdoor of the Buena Vista Township home and taken the laptop and an ATV. The grandson contacted the police regarding the burglary.

But the story doesn’t end there. For safety reasons, the grandson stayed at his grandmother’s home overnight and even told the authorities earlier in the day that he had brought his gun for security, MLive reported. In the early morning hours, the grandson heard a scuffle outside the house and sounds of someone trying to force their way in.

MLive stated the the grandson saw a car in the driveway with a female in the passenger seat. He went outside to record the license plate number but then the person who he had heard trying to break into the house — possibly for the second time that day — returned to the car and proceeded to attempt to run over the grandson.

At this point, the grandson fired shots. He called for police just after 4 a.m. and reported the incident.

According to MLive, the perpetrators drove away but the man was hit with birdshot and drove to a local hospital. Police learned the suspect was on the run for violating parole.-[source]

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