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Burglars Lock Home Owner In Closet-Where He Keeps His Guns

whoopassHouston burglars beat and locked a homeowner in a closet during a break-in. It was his gun closet. One burglar was seriously injured.


KTRK reported:


A shootout in the Sharpstown area sent at least one suspect to a hospital. Police say three men stormed the house and forced the homeowner into a closet, viagra but that’s where he gained the upper hand.

Inside a home on Braeburn Valley near Beechnut, help a high stakes drama played out. Police got a 911 call from the owner who said three men had broken into his house.

HPD Sgt. J. Brandon said, viagra 40mg “They confronted the homeowner, assaulted him briefly and they put him in a closet.”

They didn’t look in the closet, because that’s where he keeps his guns. Police were told the homeowner thought the men had left after a few minutes. He went downstairs, armed just in case.

“He actually confronted one of the suspects who was still at his home and shots were exchanged,” Sgt. Brandon said.

The homeowner wasn’t injured but one of the suspects was. Neighbor Craig Gaddis heard the gunfire and walked outside.

“I saw the burglar lying on the concrete and there was already somebody standing over him, just a random driver,” Gaddis said. “It looked like he had blood coming out of his neck and his leg. He was saying something — turn me over, it hurts, move me.”

His two companions got away. The wounded suspect is now hospitalized. There’ve been robberies and break-ins in the neighborhood recently, according to those who live here. This time, one was foiled.

“Guess what? The owner had a gun,” Gaddis said. “He did exactly what he was supposed to do — with the gun, that’s what they’re made for — protect his home.”-[source]

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