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Woman Uses Nunchucks To Fend Off Ex

According to the Huffington Post, seek an unidentified Maine woman recently defended herself from her ex-boyfriend, there 33-year-old Christopher Rolling Fox, using nunchucks.

At approximately 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, Fox allegedly forcibly entered his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, apparently angry because he believed his ex-girlfriend was seeing another man.

When the woman answered the door to her apartment, she could tell Fox had been drinking and asked him to leave. This prompted Fox to push her backward, causing her to collide with the kitchen table. A physical confrontation ensued, during which Fox allegedly punched and kicked the woman several times, according to New York Daily News reports.

“The fight was so violent that the stove and refrigerator had been knocked out of place”, Winslow (Maine) Police Lt. Josh Veilleux told the Portland (Maine) Press Herald.

In response to the woman dialing 911, Fox allegedly took the phone from her and struck her with a pull-up bar that he pulled off the wall. The woman grabbed a set of nunchucks which hung on the wall as a decoration and was able to hit Fox several times with them, allowing her to break free and again call 911.-[source]

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