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Phoenix Man Videotapes Terrorist Act Testing Police

Posted on YouTube for the world and police to see — a teen dressed like a terrorist carrying a fake RPG. And the man behind this video is in big trouble with police.

It wasn’t a terrorist plot exactly, but the actions of one valley man certainly created a huge scare for the Phoenix Police department over the summer, and now an independent filmmaker faces some serious charges.

We spoke to neighbors and police about what happened and how dangerous the stunt was.

That independent filmmaker, Michael David Turley, faces four different charges including endangerment and knowingly giving false information.

Police say he never told them the true intent of his film was to test their response.

The YouTube video that has gotten more than a thousand hits speaks for itself. An alarming sight — a man wielding what appears to be a rocket propelled grenade, standing in the intersection of 33rd Avenue and Bell.-[source]

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