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Thieves Try To Steal Rifles, Pistols, $14K Gun

Thieves broke into a gun shop overnight and made off with about a dozen guns, but they didn’t get far.

This happened at the Legendary Guns store on 19th Avenue, a block north of Camelback Road around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Police believe two suspects smashed their way through a window in a vacant store a couple doors down from Legendary Guns.  Then the smashed their way through a wall and into the gun shop.

The suspects scooped up some rifles and pistols — and even a 50 millimeter gun, which costs $14,000.  But in the process, they tripped off an alarm.  They tried to escape with the weapons, but abandoned that effort when they saw a police car driving by the store.

More police responded to the alarms.  The officers, using a police dog, captured one suspect who was trying to hide in a recycling bin.

Authorities are still looking for another man who they believe was involved.

David Larue, the store’s owner, says it’s been a constant battle keeping thieves out of the store.-[source]

1 comment to Thieves Try To Steal Rifles, Pistols, $14K Gun

  • David

    They guy who wrote this article is an attorney that graduated from Brown and went to work in the broadcast industry. That should tell you something and explain why he doesn’t know the difference between 50 mm and .50 inch!! LOL Typical news reporter….

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