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Why Did Hollywood Shun The Colt .45 1911 In Cinema?

Despite what many directors, see producers and actors in Hollywood have to say about guns, even they grudgingly have to recognize, that without firearms, there’d probably be no motion picture industry—or at least one limited to drawing room melodramas or polite comedies of manners.

Right from the inception of the movie business, films and guns have gone together. “Edwin S. Porter’s “The Great Train Robbery” of 1903 shot in the Wild West of East Orange, New Jersey is full of fancy gunplay, as have been thousands of films ever since.

Just about every type of handgun from wheellocks to space-age blasters have graced the silver screen. Auto pistols, being the state of the art and visually interesting, have been seen in pictures as early as the 1910s—with one exception—the Colt .45 Government Model. To be sure it has been featured in some early flicks, but compared to other self-loaders, such as the Luger, it’s a Johnny-come-lately.-[source]

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