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US Military Down With Colombian Drug Network

A group of U.S. soldiers was part of a network that sent cocaine from Colombia abroad and was disbanded after several months of investigations in this country and the nation’s north, said the newspaper El Tiempo.

The Colombian newspaper stated that the police investigation led to the arrest of 12 members of the network, including the American Deion Lemar Burton, who is imprisoned in a prison in Bogota since last October.

Lemar recalled that Deion was arrested when he tried to go through the migration positions of Bogota’s Eldorado airport without going through any review, citing its status as a noncommissioned officer of the U.S. Navy.

“His hustle and his insistence seemed suspicious to an agent of the former DAS (Administrative Department of Security-secret police), who ordered the case very closely requisition of uniform. They found 5.4 kilos of pure cocaine,” he added.

In giving details of the police operation, the Colombian newspaper stated that “this was the start of an investigation, six months later, have 12 people behind bars in the two countries.”

The publication revealed that the “partner” in Colombia, the U.S. military was Victor Manuel Ramirez, “said to be one of the heads of the foreign network used to move cocaine into Spain, Italy, Germany and France.”-[source]

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